Integrated Foods Group consists of Integrated Foods Limited (IFL) and nine subsidiaries. The Group’s strategic focus is in the production, processing, and marketing of lamb meat from pasture to plate. This is supplemented by cattle trade from the New Zealand farming business. Of the Group’s nine subsidiaries seven are based in Canada. Canadian operations include production farms in Manitoba and Alberta as well as a processing plant in Alberta. These Canadian entities are part of the North American Lamb Company which IFL is a major shareholder in and shares this with one other merger partner.

The balance of the subsidiaries (based in Aotearoa) focus on the processing and marketing of lamb products from the Napier based plant. IFL being the core sheep and cattle farm production entity. 

Since its establishment in 2003, in depth understanding of processing operations and supply chain to the market combined with the fostering of excellent customer relationships, have seen IFL develop an enviable market position both domestically and internationally.

Mangatu is the majority shareholder in IFL and therefore the Group. Since 2003 IFL has leased land from Mangatu to undertake farming operations and is also a significant investor into the business in other financial ways. IFL is also the main administrator for the Mangatu Group and provides these services from Executive level down.

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