Today Mangatu manages approximately 30 hectares of vineyard on two sites. 

Separated by just a kilometre of road, our vineyards are located in some of the best grape growing terrtory in the region, within the unique microclimate of the Golden Slope. The vineyards’ elevation provides ideal growing conditions - all day sun and protection from the gusty Gisborne Northwesterly that can play havoc with tender young vines.

Like so many in our region, our vineyards were born from the ashes of the Kiwifruit pull of the mid 1980’s and, with the support of a dedicated vineyard manager, Mangatu has been able to develop and expand a successful grape growing operation that now employs up to 20 staff in the peak of the season.

Our home base is our Waihirere property where we focus on Gisborne’s traditional grape varietal – Chardonnay. While, at our Waiohika vineyard we focus on the production of Pinot Gris, Viognier and Chardonnay. However, leading the market, it is the new planting of Muscat a Petits Grains that has the viticulture team excited. 

In the spirit of stewardship, integration and sustainability are key principles in the management of the Vineyard. We are part of the Sustainable Winegrowing programme and integrate processes with our farming operations as much as possible (we put our lambs to work grazing the vineyard – leaf plucking and weeding).

A testament to the integrity of our approach, the Mangatu vineyard blocks have supplied some of New Zealand’s leading wine brands, including Pernod Ricard, Nobilo and Constellation.